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We cannot be sure of when exactly Cascina Vano started to produce wine in the Rivetti area of Nieve.

We can be sure, however, that the company roots, just like the Rivetti family itself, go back a long way: as far back as when, in the late 1800s, the land took on greater importance for all and when the first allotments were taken up by private individuals. In particular, we remember two extraordinary men, Carlin and Gepin Rivetti, for their great character and their generous spirits, for what they built up on the land and how they set up roots, gaining the respect and consideration of their neighbours.

Carlin Rivetti was the progenitor of the company. He was a proud farmer who was well aware of his own talents and who gave of himself freely when his neighbours were in need. He sported a magnificent handlebar moustache and held himself with great dignity. His plans, his carriages and his possessions were a source of dignity for him. Gepin Rivetti followed in his footsteps and took care of the land with just as much character, with a cigar between his lips and thousands of passions in his heart. He knew his land like the palm of his hand and he knew what fruit it would be able to yield form his family and for himself.