In vino veritas

Our wine cellar is located in Neive, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, about ten kilometres from Alba.

The family farmhouse has a secular history, related with the rural world. A piece of the roof was recovered and it was dated 1700.

The farmhouse welcomed the Rivetti family for centuries, before as livestock farmers and after as peasants and wine producers.

The first one who gave a new life to the Farmhouse was Carlin Rivetti. He decided to built, underground a “crutin”, a special room for the preservation and ageing of his wine.

Nowadays the “crutin” is present and open to the public. It is a little museum that guards the first steps of our estate.

Above the “crutin” there are the modernized locals for the vinification process.

Each room has its own processing stage:

Destemming of grapes

Fermentation and maceration

Vinification process

Ageing and refinement


Tasting room



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Azienda Agricola Cascina Vano di Rivetti Bruno


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