A love for our land

carried on from generation to generation


Carlin Rivetti, the progenitor of the company, was a proud farmer, with an awareness of his own talents and helpful when someone was in need. He sported a magnificent handlebar moustache and held himself with great dignity. His plans, his carriages and his possessions were a source of proudness.

Carlin Rivetti


Gepin Rivetti followed is dad Carlin in his footsteps and took care of the land with just as much character, with a cigar between his lips and thousands of passions in his heart. He knew his land like the palm of his hand and he knew what fruit it would be able to yield for his family and for himself.

Gepin Rivetti


The one who definitely turn the farm into a wine company, was Beppe Rivetti, the son of Gepin, in the late 70s. Beppe underdstood that the vines and wines of hills/area could give amazing rewards. For this reason after a work experience abroad, he came back with clear ideas and ambitious projects



A wise choice, shared also with his son Bruno Rivetti, who, in the meanwhile, became an enologist at the Enologica high school in Alba.

Nowadays Bruno runs the winery with passion, taking care of every aspect of his viniculture, with a particular attention and respect for the environment.



Presently Bruno is helped by his daughter Beatrice Rivetti, graduated at the University of Turin in languages, and by his son Marco Rivetti, student at the Enologica high school in Alba.The two young are part of the new generation that proudly work in family business, with the same value and passion transmitted from an entire family.



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Azienda Agricola Cascina Vano di Rivetti Bruno


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