"A well-worked vineyard is like a healthy body,

a body that lives, that has its breath, and its sweat"

Cesare Pavese

In our company, a common denominator has always been the care and attention for our territory.

The true protagonist of our winery are our vineyards and our terroir, typical of Langhe.

For this reason, these are the element that must be preserved and cure with passion and proud.

Thanks to the experience developed in years in this sector, the labours on vineyards are made with diligence. These labours are also accompanied by a particular attention to the health of our plants.

That’s why since … years we don’t use anymore chemical weeding in our vineyards; we sow herbaceous essences and we give priority to agronomic solution for the respect of the soil.

These beliefs made us take part to a project called “The Green Experience”.

A collective certification, that was born for piedmont wine producers that practice a green viticulture.

This project was thought to improve the quality of the wine, and to take care of the soil, the biodiversity and the landscape.

The purpose is to safeguard the vineyards landscapes of the Langhe, and to consolidate their future with a collective and sustainable project.

The Green Experience is a collaboration proposal, made by the producer to the consumer, to achieve the dream of an ecological viticulture, good to drink and good to see.

In this way our company produces healthy wines whose origin are safe and certified.



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